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  1. The Renegade9313
    03.12.2018 17:40
    The Renegade9313
    Hello, I'd ask how to add prototypes in traffic because a word "phantomtaxi" doesn't work but "phantom" work in scena2 editor... I look at mafiascene there is some list of car models but not everything is working.. Also how to set up to unlock car in freeride for example alfa 8C, because my Tommy don't know how to unlock that..Thanks for response.
  2. Firefox3860
    25.06.2018 11:47
    I think you've come to the right place. Look how it works. The cops and gangsters walk on a special grid consisting of points located on the terrain. This grid is stored in the file check.bin, which is located in the mission folder. This file is in Freeride, and in Freekrajina it is not. Therefore cops AREN'T WALKING to Tommy in countryside.
    In folder MISE16-KRAJINA is check.bin with a grid for countryside. Take it and put it in Freekrajina. Then the gangsters will run along the roads.
  3. The Renegade9313
    24.06.2018 13:12
    The Renegade9313

    I'm come from Slovakia and I'm working right now on my own mod called Renegade's Traffic Improvement - all car types and colours in city and countryside.
    I have a problem with countryside part because cops and gangsters AREN'T WALKING to Tommy, only standing in place or they're just shooting and hunting with cars.

    I wrote on many forums but with no luck. Does you know how to set up it?
    I don't know how to do... I tried many tricks with editors but with no luck as well.

    Thank you for reply.

    Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia

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